Okay Commuter

Post-punk/krautrock/ambient/noise explorations on MicroBrute, DrumBrute, OP-1, and a Casio organ. Samples from FM radio on the OP-1. Heavy use of the Devi Ever Shoegazer, the Boss RV-3, and the Malekko Ekko 616. Recorded late at night and on the weekends over the months of February and March 2021.


  1. Crime Train
  2. Rent Gap
  3. Exurban Annexation
  4. Social To Spatial
  5. Okay Commuter
  6. Infrastructures
  7. Zones Of Exclusion
  8. Banal Nationalism
  9. Polycentric Nodes
  10. Surveillance Capital
  11. Return of $$$$
  12. Carceral City
  13. Southern Reach
  14. Degrowth
  15. Disarm, Dismantle
  16. Creative Capital
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Magical Trash is the solo project of Mark E. Carter. He has been writing, recording, and playing music since his teenage years. This project initially started as a challenge to write and record an EP for every month of the year in 2016. Since then Magical Trash continues to be a creative outlet for fusing synth and computer-based composition and experiments with post-punk guitar, drum, and vocal aesthetics.

©2021 Mark E. Carter / Magical Trash