Magical Trash

The Tower

Every year has become weirder than the last. We've become aware of how fragile the balance of our world is. Ecosystems are collapsing, markets are collapsing, and the world of our parents and grandparents is coming to its inevitable conclusion. What does it mean to live and die under the spell of late capitalism? To be in a place where multiple worlds exist in parallel, and in contradiction?

Written over a period of two years, "The Tower" is an attempt to reconcile what it means to exist during a period of massive upheaval: to see the edges of a new world, yet feel powerless to transform the systems we are entangled within. Running the gamut from motorik beats to ambient interludes to snarling post-punk, utilizing field recordings from a cell phone, grappling with losses both personal and global, attempting to fuse together a meaningful worldview, "The Tower" casts its shadow on those willing to leap in the twilight of an empire.


  1. Death
  2. Blame You
  3. Bad Faith
  4. Litany
  5. Generational Debt
  6. Elegy
  7. Narratives
  8. Apology
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Generational Debt
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Magical Trash is the solo project of Mark E. Carter. He has been writing, recording, and playing music since his teenage years. This project initially started as a challenge to write and record an EP for every month of the year in 2016. Since then Magical Trash continues to be a creative outlet for fusing synth and computer-based composition and experiments with post-punk guitar, drum, and vocal aesthetics.

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